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Endless Search Nikita Sergyshkin

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E! Online debuts the poster for Vanessa Hudgens’ inspiring new film Gimme Shelter! Check out how Vanessa found inspiration for her role as Apple:

Perfection 💙


Photo taken yesterday.

   My attitude towards “Hey, can you take a picture of so and so while I so and so…” is usually “Yeah, I can do that…”. My job is fun, and for the most part you learn something every time you’re out.

   When an Olympic athlete asks you to take some photos for a new line of work, that “Yeah” turns more into “Whaaaaa????!! Definitely.” So today, I did just that. At the beach. The shots will be more refined in the future, but just to kind of warm up and try to figure out the end goal we took some shots down at the beach. Here are a few for now…

Olympic Athlete Chantae McMillan in St. Augustine, Florida. (By the way, she does the heptathlon, in the track and field division. 1 or 2 events clearly isn’t enough. 7 is required.)

Photos by Dan Florez using Pentax equipment. Like all others on here, please don’t duplicate without written consent.

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